Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday morning

On a lazy Saturday morning, I m posting the first of many more assignments that I m going to post.
This is a typography assignment, where we were supposed to design a book cover for 'The Professor and the Madman' - Simon Winchester.

It is a story about a guy in an asylum who helped compile the Oxford English Dictionary by writing brilliant meaning and descriptions of words. The committee at the Oxford English Dictionary thought him to be a scholar, but he turns out to be an inmate in the asylum.

The purpose of the assignment was to play around with 1) center alignment 2) asymmetrical alignment and 3) an image with an asymmetrical alignment.

Here are the solutions that I presented.

solution 1

solution 2

solution 3

Hope you enjoy. :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Expressive Typography

Type in motion. A very expressive typography video, which is easy on the eyes and very efficient in variation. A good example for anyone interested in Kinetic Type and Expressive Type.

Enjoy. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

21st Century Breakdown

A Green Day video. Its been 3 years now that i have been infatuated by this video. Learning Adobe After Effects I think I can finally figure out how to do that! I am going to try doing this.

Green Day 21st Century Breakdown

The illustration style rendering and effective use of Typography is simply awesome.


A young talent from Mumbai. Doing his stuff, loving his work. I find his work and way of working very inspiring. Having watched him when he struggled with the basics and still watching while he sprouted wings and took off in the skies of creativity, makes me proud.

Mandar Parab

If you like photography with an attitude, this is a must see.

Thought of you.

A beautiful animation of a song. One of the most beautiful things which I ever saw in my life. With its beautiful strokes, it makes the figures come to life and makes you want to somehow help the guy.

Thought of you.

Artist : Ryan Woodward.
To know more about him and his work on this particular film you can also go to the following link.

Ryan Woodward

Mind It!

What could be more appropriate than adding a Rajnikanth post to start a fresh blog!

All the Rascalas.. Mind it. I have RajniProtection ;)

All About Rajni.

An innovative way to find out about the phenomenon of "RajniPower" and how the world runs on it.
Loved the way they have managed to make us switch off from our internet and WiFi to access the Rajni Power,
which makes the world go around.
Appropriate graphics, background and suitable "hit" situations makes this website a delight for all the

I'm sure my Rachanaities would love this particular venture. And thanks to 'Authoring Multimedia' class, I can appreciate the maker's pains in building this (spoiler alert) Flash website.